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Vegan Mofu has officially begun!

October 1, 2009

mofo Turn over your calanders guys! October has arrives and has brought with it Vegan Mofo 2009. This is my first time participating and it’s gonna be really great to see everyone’s mofo yummyness! I’ve decided on a few themes to follow, although I may not follow them to the T. These include :

Making other blogger’s / recipe book’s recipes


Reviewing Vegan Products

Basing a meal on a certain colour

International cuisine

Quick and easy food

Comfort food

Veganising non vegan food

Budget meals

Today, to kick off Vegan Mofo, I’ve made a decadent dessert. Now, I’ve made a yummy tofu mousse before, however recently I’ve fallen in love with avocados. They’ve sooooo tasty! In salads, eaten raw, with dip. I love their creamy-ness. Anyway, I found the idea of using them in a dessert mousse recipe and I thought, ‘Why not?’. So, for my first mofo post, I bring you:

mousseChocolate-Avocado-Mousse. Would you believe it really had avocado in? No green bits? I even made a ‘cream’ to top it with. The mousse is simply 1/2 an avocado, 1 dessert spoon cocoa powder (more ot less to taste), some soya milk and 1/6 of a block of tofu blended with a good dollop of agave and a teaspoon vanilla. To make the cream I blended the other just under 2/3s of a block of tofu, a bit of soya milk and a big fat teaspoon of banana-peanut-butter (Though I think it would work just as well with 1/2 a banana or a spoon of nut butter). I didn’t know how the ‘cream’ would turn out, I have to be creative, it was getting on and I had no time to check the internet for recipes to make a tofu cream – However, Vegan Mofo is all about creativity! The improvisation worked though, it complimented the mousse well, have a good flavour but not a too powerfull flavour. To finish it off I grated a piece of a carob bar on top. Yum! The avocado gave it a really nice creamy texture and taste, I suppose because of the fat content.

mouse2Actually quite a healthy dessert. A good source of the healthy fats, protein, it’s low GI and contains a serving of fruit!

Also, if like me you’re a fan of tea (Ain’t just for the brits!), Dancing Through Life has a giveaway just for you!


Autumn is here

September 25, 2009

Autumn is really making itself known; crisp, fresh mornings, early darkness, the crunch of dead leaves and of course, conkers. I do love autumn for all these reasons, I find it so beautiful, and especially on days like today where it is still warm enough to not feel a chill at all. I wish I was a young child again so I could crash through massive piles of leaves and have conker fights – those were the good days! I might actually try and get my family to go for a walk in the nearby woods soon while it’s not too cold. Though it also means winter is round the corner, and I really suffer in winter, which does remind me, I need to buy a coat!

I’ve struggled with tofu marinades since forever, they’ve never produced the taste I wanted. I put this down to making the marinades myself, so to counter this I bought a bottle of teriyaki marinade. It made the tofu so yummy! It would have gone great for tofu and veg skewers, or in a stirfry, but today I was boring and had just baked slices of tofu with roast veggies.

SN851223It would have been perfect if I had had time to cook the tofu for longer. I’m glad I’ve finially been successful in marinades though.

I’m also really excited to say I won RandomlyMikey’s giveaway! Thanks for hosting the giveaway, Mikey!

One last thing from me today, this song has really captured my heart and amused me, I’m weird enough to admit I have watched it more than once.

One more day

September 1, 2009

There is only one more day after tonight left of the holiday. It’s dragged so much, but looking back it has gone oh so quickly. I’m not ready to go back! Not least because I’ll have music. One of my biggest mistakes was to choose that as an GCSE option. Not only is the listening so hard even the best musicians in the class struggle, attempting to do the practicals on the drums is a step in the really too hard direction. I regret my choice so much, that I’d be happy with a C in music, but in all my other subjects, I am hoping for at least an A (Gosh, I sound like a nerd, some people I know would kill me for saying that!).

I’ve also come to the conclusion that I hate the school I go to. I hate the people, and even the people I thought were friends proved not to be such great people. Also, I never really ‘gelled’ with my high school. I almost had a chance to change schools 2 years ago, and I changed my mind, thought I’d be better off where I am. If it wasn’t for the fact changing schools would mess up my GCSE’s, I’d get out of this school right now. Oh well, one more year, then I can bugger off to the school I want to go to for 6th form. I shan’t be sad to leave in the slightest.

Today was my once every 5 weeks or so trip to Poppy’s Pantry. I picked up some new items which I can’t wait to try! I got some smoked tofu, which was reduced because it passes its best before tomorrow (I got 2 packs though, since you can freeze it), which shall be going in a stir fry tomorrow, methinks. I also got some more vegan cheese, after the success I had with the Blue Sheese. This time I got Strong Chedder Sheese for when I do cooking at school, I’m putting it in a cauliflower cheese. I also got some melting cheese, ‘Vegerella’ by Biddy Merkins. I’m gonna put this stuff on a pizza! (I types in ‘vegerella’ on google to see if any one else had reviewed it, and someone said that the name vegerella sounds like some nasty STD. Well, made me smile any way.)

Vinegar and Tofu Don’t Match.

July 25, 2009

After millet failed to impress me the other day as a hot breakfast, I decided to give it a chance to redeem itself. This was after I’d found that the clip had come off the packet and about a quarter of the bag had spilt into the cereal cupboard. Millet really wasn’t in my good books, untill now.

Saturdays, weather permitting, is barbecue day. If we’re at my grandparent’s, we have it for lunch, if we’re home, we have it for dinner. I decided to try my hand at marinating some tofu and making some veggie kebabs, to be placed on a bed of millet. I thought it might make a good sub for couscous. It was more  soggy than couscous, obviously, but other than it fared well. Instead of making it up with soyamilk, as I did the other day, I made 35g of it up with 250ml water, but mixed in half a kallo low salt stock cube once the water had come to a boil. The result was a yummy millet dish, which could easily replace rice or sililar things as a side dish.

milletThis prvoided a half decent bed for my kebabs.

veggie kebabsThe veggies were so yummy. Roasted veg always are. There’s aubergine, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and tofu on there. However, the tofu was ick. Yuckidy yuckidy yuck. I couldn’t eat it. My marinade sucked. I marnated the tofu overnight in a base of vinegar, mixed with a bit of vegan worcester sauce and some sugar. But the tofu just tasted so much like vinegar, it was euh. Next time, I’m going to find a marinade recipe, rather than making my own up. Don’t get me wrong, vinegar on chips is the best, but vinegar flavoured tofu? No, just no. Does anyone have any good suggestions for a tofu marinade?

One Of Many Mistakes

July 14, 2009

As a vegan – and especially a moderatly new one – it is inevitable that I will make some very basic mistakes. But, we learn from experience, and as my experience grows, so does my abilty to avoid mistakes.

Today, I topped the dessert I made (which is below) with Butterscotch Sugar. I realised as soon as I made the first turn of the grinder. Cursing, I immediatly pulled away the grinder and put it back. How could I have been so silly? It’s in the stupid name! Butterscotch. Duh. Bad moment. However, although the dessert didn’t turn out vegan, it was intended to be and it would have been if not for my little mistake.(if it’s any consolation there really wasn’t that much put on). It was really yummy and a really nice treat to end my meal with.

SN850882 Chocolate Mousse!

If you would like to enjoy the vegan version of this, you will need for one decent portion:

  • 115 – 175g tofu (1/3 to 1/2 of a package). I used Blue Dragon Extra Firm, but any kind of tofu will work. The extra firm was all I had.
  • 1 to1 1/2 dessert spoons plain cocoa powder (or more to taste)
  • 2 dessert spoons sugar (Or 1 1/2. depending how sweet your sweet tooth likes it)
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence
  • 1/2 teaspoon almond extract (This and the vanilla are optional)
  • Soymilk or any other milk (no pacific amount, all depends on he consistancy you like)

Chuck everything in a blender (I used the magic bullet, since you can use a single person sized cup to blend in), starting of with 1/4 cup soy milk. Blend untill smooth. At the beginning, I had to stop every 10 seconds or so and give it a shake to get the blades going again. You may also have to use a spoon to remove unblended cocoa powder from the sides. Keep adding soymilk, a little bit at a time, untill at the consistancy you like. (I used about 1/3 cup soymilk in the end). Place in a dish and refridgerate for about 1-2 hours. It doesn’t need refridgerating, it just makes it a little thicker.

Decorate how you wish, or enjoy plain 😀

I think next time I make this, I will leave out the vanilla and almond extracts and add a tablespoon peanut butter instead!

That Tofu Saved My Life, Michaela

July 7, 2009

Tofu is a very controversial ingredient. Some people love to use use it but, others (like my mother) won’t go near a food containing this magic ingredient. I am pleased to say though, that I have made a tofu convert out of someone, today. No, they probably won’t go and buy it, but still.

Basically, in cooking class, my friend was making meatballs, and complained that they weren’t binding, so he couldn’t bake them. I told him he should put some tofu in it (and luckly, I was making a pie which required tofu for the filling), and let them have some of mine.

The result? The tofu saved his life! Or so he says… I even managed to get one up on my cooking teacher, who when the boy told her that I gave him some tofu to bind it, said it wouldn’t work. Well, obviously it did.

Tofu, 1: World, Nil.

Anyway, on to what I made…

Butter nut squash pie

Butternut squash pie

A topless butternut squash pie. A tart, I suppose. I adapted the recipe from a vegan cook book I have, which I will post the name oof when I find the book. It tasted really yummy, but, the filling could have done with being chopped up smaller. Definatly something I’d make again though, and so nice served with fresh salad.