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October 14, 2009


Bad news! The pumpkin I bought the other day decided to go all mouldy on me D: I’d only used about 1/5 of it, too! I guess that’s a lesson to be learnt – use all your pumpkin at once. Which is what I’ll do next time. I had been wanting to make a pumpkin soup *sniff* Guess that’ll have to wait now. So my plan is to buy a pumpkin, make lots of puree with half of it and do a good soup with the other half.

I’ve had a packet of Granose sunflower seed, lentil and vegetable roast sitting in the cupboard for ages and ages now, so it’s about time I used it. I was just never sure what to use it for. I could have simply made a loaf with it, but that’s kinda boring, no? So I decided to do as the packet suggested and make some stuffed peppers (That is to say, one stuffed pepper).

SN851430Had these with a salad, would have been a  nice light meal, except I followed the pack instructions! It said use both sachets (for some reason you get 2 sachets though instructions require both…) for 2 peppers, so I used my initative and used 1 sachet for one pepper. There seemed to be a little much when I made it up, but persisted on and juststuffed the peppers extra tightly to fit it all in. I even grated some cheddar Sheese into one half of the pepper, so see if it made it taste good. The box had said put some goats cheese on top for the last ten minutes, but obviously I didn’t want to do that. So when it came to eat them, they were too full. They blocked the taste of the roasted pepper. I think the mixture would be better suited to filling 3 halves of pepper with rather than 2 halves. Oh well.

As for the taste, well, I can’t really vouch for that either. I’ve liked their sausage and burger mixes in the past, so thought this would taste good too. It was rather bland, even with the addition of the sheese to one half. Ah well. Perhaps if I added some herbs and spices and other flavourings, I can make my remaining sachet taste nicer.


Something I’ve Noticed…

October 12, 2009


From reading on other forums and just general google searches, it’s occured to me that as a vegan, I’m quite lucky to be living in the UK. There’s a whole array of vegan items which I can (moderatly) easily get hold of for a decent price, and people are also quite receptive of both vegetarianism and veganism, even if they don’t practice it themselves. From what I can make out, for example, many breads in the USA contain milk or egg derivatives, where-as in the UK not many do at all. Same with cheese (which I know isn’t vegan), in the USA it seems to often contain rennet, but here it seldom does. It also seems quite hard to be a veg*an in other European countries, especially where in many of them national dishes contain a lot of dairy. Even Japan, a place many would think of as being easy to be veg*an, is very very difficult, as a lot of dishes are made with a fish stock, even the vegetrian ones. And soy milk often contains dairy too.

I dunno, what are your thoughts / findings on this? Have I just misinterpreted information?

That aside, I found another use for pumpkin puree! I would never have thought to use it in the way I used it, but it’s really good! Anyone for pumpkin chili? I read about it on the internet, and decided it was something worth trying, especially as it’s vegan mofo (can you believe we’re nearly half way through already?!)

chili avec pumpkinMade in the same way as any other chili, just with the addition of a good amount of pumpkin puree 5 minutes from the end of cooking. Chili is one of my favourite foods, especially as it gets colder out. Not the mention, it’s filling, healthy and hearty.