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That Tofu Saved My Life, Michaela

July 7, 2009

Tofu is a very controversial ingredient. Some people love to use use it but, others (like my mother) won’t go near a food containing this magic ingredient. I am pleased to say though, that I have made a tofu convert out of someone, today. No, they probably won’t go and buy it, but still.

Basically, in cooking class, my friend was making meatballs, and complained that they weren’t binding, so he couldn’t bake them. I told him he should put some tofu in it (and luckly, I was making a pie which required tofu for the filling), and let them have some of mine.

The result? The tofu saved his life! Or so he says… I even managed to get one up on my cooking teacher, who when the boy told her that I gave him some tofu to bind it, said it wouldn’t work. Well, obviously it did.

Tofu, 1: World, Nil.

Anyway, on to what I made…

Butter nut squash pie

Butternut squash pie

A topless butternut squash pie. A tart, I suppose. I adapted the recipe from a vegan cook book I have, which I will post the name oof when I find the book. It tasted really yummy, but, the filling could have done with being chopped up smaller. Definatly something I’d make again though, and so nice served with fresh salad.