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Cheatin’ With Redwood’s

July 11, 2009

Thought I’d post a review of Redwood’s Cheatin’ Pepperoni slices. The packet says they’re new, so maybe you haven’t tried them yet?

SN850863I was with my nan when we got these, she was concerned about what I was going to have to eat with the salad we were having for lunch later, since obviously I don’t eat tuna, eggs ect, typical salad stuff. So in Holland Barrett we found these. I got these for £1.79, and there are 10 slices in the packet. Not bad value, considering a packet of quality sandwhich meat is a similar price. The nutrition is good on these too; under 30 cals per slice, and 2.5g protein per slice, as well as only having 0.06g sodium too. I know these are processed foods, but as a first time tryer of vegan ‘meat’ I thought they wouldn’t kill me.


What were they like? Well, pretty good! Spicey, but not overbearingly so. They also smelt a little like ordinary pepperoni. They have a slightly fake look about them though, so you couldn’t try and trick an omnivore with them. The texture is good too, but again, not the same as meat so you can’t pass them of as real meat.

All in all, I would give these 8/10. I think they’d be great on a pizza, and that is something I intend on doing one day.