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Mofo without Peanut butter?

October 2, 2009


The last couple of days have been really great; I now have a pretty full scedual! Tomorrow I’m going to a party/gathering, it should be fun, I’ll try not to get too tipsy 😛 Next thursday evening I’m going to the cinema, and friday too if I’m not working. I feel popular! Lol.

So how’s Vegan Mofo 2009 going for everyone? It’s only day two, but I still feel really inspired by it!

So what would Vegan Mofo for me be if I didn’t include peanut butter? That bring me to todays post:

Today I really craved spaghetti; I’d worked so hard in PE today, circuit training and exercise biking – It made me realise how unfit I am! I’ve only ever had spaghetti in your typical tomato sauce, so although I could have stayed with what I know and love, I decided to be brave and take a chance on Peanut Butter Pasta. Don’t let this combination put you off! I used the recipe from  The Garden of Vegan: How it All Vegan Again. Though I had to tweak it slightly, it calls for broccoli, but I only had cauliflower, so had to make-do.

peanut butter spaghettiIt was really tasty! If you like creamy pasta dishes such as carbonara, then you’d love this. I’ve only had carbonara once, but from what I can remember, this is a good substitite. The home roasted peanuts added a great texture and a nice crunch, and the cauliflower complimented it well.


Vegan Mofu has officially begun!

October 1, 2009

mofo Turn over your calanders guys! October has arrives and has brought with it Vegan Mofo 2009. This is my first time participating and it’s gonna be really great to see everyone’s mofo yummyness! I’ve decided on a few themes to follow, although I may not follow them to the T. These include :

Making other blogger’s / recipe book’s recipes


Reviewing Vegan Products

Basing a meal on a certain colour

International cuisine

Quick and easy food

Comfort food

Veganising non vegan food

Budget meals

Today, to kick off Vegan Mofo, I’ve made a decadent dessert. Now, I’ve made a yummy tofu mousse before, however recently I’ve fallen in love with avocados. They’ve sooooo tasty! In salads, eaten raw, with dip. I love their creamy-ness. Anyway, I found the idea of using them in a dessert mousse recipe and I thought, ‘Why not?’. So, for my first mofo post, I bring you:

mousseChocolate-Avocado-Mousse. Would you believe it really had avocado in? No green bits? I even made a ‘cream’ to top it with. The mousse is simply 1/2 an avocado, 1 dessert spoon cocoa powder (more ot less to taste), some soya milk and 1/6 of a block of tofu blended with a good dollop of agave and a teaspoon vanilla. To make the cream I blended the other just under 2/3s of a block of tofu, a bit of soya milk and a big fat teaspoon of banana-peanut-butter (Though I think it would work just as well with 1/2 a banana or a spoon of nut butter). I didn’t know how the ‘cream’ would turn out, I have to be creative, it was getting on and I had no time to check the internet for recipes to make a tofu cream – However, Vegan Mofo is all about creativity! The improvisation worked though, it complimented the mousse well, have a good flavour but not a too powerfull flavour. To finish it off I grated a piece of a carob bar on top. Yum! The avocado gave it a really nice creamy texture and taste, I suppose because of the fat content.

mouse2Actually quite a healthy dessert. A good source of the healthy fats, protein, it’s low GI and contains a serving of fruit!

Also, if like me you’re a fan of tea (Ain’t just for the brits!), Dancing Through Life has a giveaway just for you!

Could it be…two great things combined?

September 28, 2009

You all know how much I love peanut butter – it’s the best! I also love bananas, I’m surprised they don’t find their way into my stomach all too often (save for bana brulee oatmeal!). However, what about…Banana-Peanut butter?! This is something inspired by Chocolate Covered Katie, so far all her recipes have been yum and this is no exception!

Don’t exclaim, ‘eugh!’ just yet though. If you like bananas, and peanut butter, this is something to get your teeth into!  If you’ve ever enjoyed a scrummy peanut butter and banana sandwich, this really is for you! Imagine having a spread which saves you the messyness of slicing up a banana, and if there’s any left, wondering what to do with the rest of it.

peanut butter banana spreadThis was hard work to make though. Although in theory it’s very simple – just throw everything into the blender – in practice it just ain’t so. For starters, my magic bullet simply couldn’t handle it, the mixtire was too thick. I had to keep adding soy milk every so often to get the blades to spin it. It’s hella hard to clean up afterwards too, even if you are a fan of licking out the blender!

I added some cinnamon to the spread too, though next time I will add some vanilla me thinks. One thing I hate about bananas though is their ‘I’m so cool I’m going to oxidise’ attitude. Even though I keep the spread in an airtight container in the fridge, The banana causes a darkening of the ‘exposed’ parts of the spread (Mainly the top, and air gaps at the bottom). It tastes fine though, I simply stir it up before I eat some. It tastes great as it is, I eat it right of the spoon, but I bet it’d be great on toast, or on pancakes, or anything else you like. It seems to thicken up in the fridge, so next time I’ll make it with more soya milk. In he end I used about 100g peanut butter, 1 banana and 70-100ml soya milk and cinnamon. Try it!

I’m in Love For the First Time

August 12, 2009

Today I have fallen in love:

YumI’ve been rather jealous of America for a while, as they have such a variety of peanut butter flavours that I can only dream of encountering. Vanilla, cinnamon ect. And by chance, I found the magic that is chocolate peanut butter! We were in Thetford town, as we’d dropped off my brother for his camp thing, and I found this in Thing-Me-Bobs. I haven’t even seen it in Tesco or anywhere, although I bet I will now. And it was only 50p! usually Whole Earth food is on the expensive side. I tried it on some ryvita tonight, but I have a feeling it would be really good on a freshly baked cinnamon hot cross bun. After I’d opened the lid and stirred it, I found that it looked like someone had added chocolate chips and warmed it slightly, as swirls of chocolate appeared in the jar. It had the right balance of chocolate to peanut butter, and wasn’t too sweet. I have a nasty feeling that this jar won’t hang around for many days, it’s the kinda stuff I’d eat straight from the jar. Two of my favourite foods combined!

I got soaked today while on my bike ride, about 5 minutes into it it started to really chuck it down. By the time I had the choice to either turn off and come home or carry on I was so wet I decided to perservere. In the end, i actually kinda enjoyed it, as it wasn’t a cold rain, and I had a hoodie on so I could protect my hair. (Which didn’t thank me, it went all frizzy and curly. And boys wonder why us girls go ‘Oh, my hair!’ when we walk out in the rain!).

I found out something else new today. Chilli heatwave doritos are vegan. I didn’t think they were, since the original flavour are not. I’m so glad, because I love doritos, and I love chilli. We’re having a movie night in tonight, dorritos, pretzals, safari sauce, salsa and a good movie. I did want to go to the cinema and see ‘Orphan’, but my mum didn’t want to drive after going all the way to Thetford and back. And tomorrow – Great Yarmouth! The weather isn’t forcast to be great, but oh well. (Typically, it’s going to be a great week end *eyeroll*)

Who Eats Pancakes for Dinner Anyway?

July 15, 2009

Yep, that’s what I had for dinner today. I sometimes have things like a big bowl of porridge for dinner if I can’t be bothered to cook or want something super super quick. I had a craving, and once again, with Katie’s Pancake Making Bonzana in mind, I decided to go ahead and make another batch, but this time, Peanut Butter Cookie flavour. Yum or what?

Peanut butter pancakesI attempted a smiley face with the chocolte sauce on the plate, as that’s how I felt eating these 🙂

The picture quality is poorer, because I had to use my webcam to take the pics with, as my mother has my camera today.

I used about 30g peanuts/peanut butter, which sounds like a lot, but hey, what can I say, I’m a peanut butter fanatic. I added some crunchy wholenut peanut butter, and some smooth peanut butter, as well as some chopped peanuts, so that it had a variety of textures. I also added some vanilla and a little bit of sugar and a pinch of salt to help bring out all the flavours.

The resulting pancakes were crunchy and gooey, though not as gooey as my strawberry ones. These ones weren’t as nice as my strawberry pancakes. I was kinda hoping they’d be a little more gooey than they were, and also I was hoping they’d taste more peanut butter-y, considering the amount of peanut butter I added!

Still, they were very enjoyable and I definatly reccomend these!

Has anyone seen Harry Potter yet? I am so desperate to go, and I was planning on going monday with some friends, but as usual, whenever I make plans they always fall through. 😦 I’m hoping to go another time though, perhaps next saturday. Counting down the school days left of term now, untill we break up for summer, just tomorrow and Friday left. Friday is party time, I’m telling you now!

To enjoy these pancakes yourself (serves 1):

  • 35g flour (I use half self raising and half wholemeal)
  • half a teaspoon egg replacer (I use Orgran)
  • 150ml ‘milk’ (if the mixture seems too thick, add a bit more, if it seems too runny, add a little more flour)
  • 1.5 teaspoons sugar
  • 30g peanutbutter (if the peanut butter is thick, heat it in the microwave for 10 seconds before adding it to the mixture)

Either blend together, or mix by hand. Then cook as you would normal pancakes.

Gimme the spoon and the Peanut Butter jar!

July 2, 2009

If I didn’t know that consuming an entire jar of peanut butter was pretty bad to do, I’d have done it many times already. What is it that makes peanut butter so addictively yummy? There isn’t a much more simple pleasure than a thick layer of peanut butter on the end slice of bread (the crust is the best part!) or ryvita or something. I long to try out the various flavours of nut butters they have in the USA, such as Butter Toffee Peanut Butter, Vanilla Almond Butter, and many others found at Naturally Nutty. (Although, not all of them are vegan…But I shan’t be eating any anyway due to geographical problems!) I do long to try some cashew nut butter, or brazil nut butter one day but I am just put off slightly by the major price increase for a smaller jar.

Anyway, as promised, today I have the recipe for that sauce. But, even better – it’s a peanut butter sauce! I use it for mixing with bean salads, however I can easily see the quantity being upped and being used for stir-fries or other larger dishes.

Peanut butter sauceTo make enough for half a tin (200g) of beans, plus some onion and pepper or whatever you mix with your beans, use:

  • 1 teaspoon of peanut butter (Or more to taste)
  • 1 tbsp of tomato puree (Again, more or less to taste, depends how much you want the peanut taste to protrude)
  • 50ml soyamilk (or any other milk)
  • Cinnamon or paprika (or something similar, I find the cinnamon goes well when using with chickpeas and paprika when using something like kidney beans)

Put the peanut butter in the microwave for 10-20 seconds, this makes it runny and easier to mix in. To this, add the tomato puree and soya milk and mix very well untill blended. Add more soyamilk (or at this stage, water) untill at the desired consistancy. Only add a very tiny amount at a time though, it doesn’t take much to change it from lovely thick to wataery runny.

Here’s what I used mine for today, and most weekdays: bean salad

It’s a kidney bean salad; just kidney beans, diced onion, diced carrot, diced pepper and diced mushroom, all mixed up and tossed with the peanut butter sauce. It travels well with or without an icepack, although if it’s very hot I reccomend an icepack. I have it everyday in my packed lunch. It’s so much more exciting than a sandwich!