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Vegan Mofu has officially begun!

October 1, 2009

mofo Turn over your calanders guys! October has arrives and has brought with it Vegan Mofo 2009. This is my first time participating and it’s gonna be really great to see everyone’s mofo yummyness! I’ve decided on a few themes to follow, although I may not follow them to the T. These include :

Making other blogger’s / recipe book’s recipes


Reviewing Vegan Products

Basing a meal on a certain colour

International cuisine

Quick and easy food

Comfort food

Veganising non vegan food

Budget meals

Today, to kick off Vegan Mofo, I’ve made a decadent dessert. Now, I’ve made a yummy tofu mousse before, however recently I’ve fallen in love with avocados. They’ve sooooo tasty! In salads, eaten raw, with dip. I love their creamy-ness. Anyway, I found the idea of using them in a dessert mousse recipe and I thought, ‘Why not?’. So, for my first mofo post, I bring you:

mousseChocolate-Avocado-Mousse. Would you believe it really had avocado in? No green bits? I even made a ‘cream’ to top it with. The mousse is simply 1/2 an avocado, 1 dessert spoon cocoa powder (more ot less to taste), some soya milk and 1/6 of a block of tofu blended with a good dollop of agave and a teaspoon vanilla. To make the cream I blended the other just under 2/3s of a block of tofu, a bit of soya milk and a big fat teaspoon of banana-peanut-butter (Though I think it would work just as well with 1/2 a banana or a spoon of nut butter). I didn’t know how the ‘cream’ would turn out, I have to be creative, it was getting on and I had no time to check the internet for recipes to make a tofu cream – However, Vegan Mofo is all about creativity! The improvisation worked though, it complimented the mousse well, have a good flavour but not a too powerfull flavour. To finish it off I grated a piece of a carob bar on top. Yum! The avocado gave it a really nice creamy texture and taste, I suppose because of the fat content.

mouse2Actually quite a healthy dessert. A good source of the healthy fats, protein, it’s low GI and contains a serving of fruit!

Also, if like me you’re a fan of tea (Ain’t just for the brits!), Dancing Through Life has a giveaway just for you!


Could it be…two great things combined?

September 28, 2009

You all know how much I love peanut butter – it’s the best! I also love bananas, I’m surprised they don’t find their way into my stomach all too often (save for bana brulee oatmeal!). However, what about…Banana-Peanut butter?! This is something inspired by Chocolate Covered Katie, so far all her recipes have been yum and this is no exception!

Don’t exclaim, ‘eugh!’ just yet though. If you like bananas, and peanut butter, this is something to get your teeth into!  If you’ve ever enjoyed a scrummy peanut butter and banana sandwich, this really is for you! Imagine having a spread which saves you the messyness of slicing up a banana, and if there’s any left, wondering what to do with the rest of it.

peanut butter banana spreadThis was hard work to make though. Although in theory it’s very simple – just throw everything into the blender – in practice it just ain’t so. For starters, my magic bullet simply couldn’t handle it, the mixtire was too thick. I had to keep adding soy milk every so often to get the blades to spin it. It’s hella hard to clean up afterwards too, even if you are a fan of licking out the blender!

I added some cinnamon to the spread too, though next time I will add some vanilla me thinks. One thing I hate about bananas though is their ‘I’m so cool I’m going to oxidise’ attitude. Even though I keep the spread in an airtight container in the fridge, The banana causes a darkening of the ‘exposed’ parts of the spread (Mainly the top, and air gaps at the bottom). It tastes fine though, I simply stir it up before I eat some. It tastes great as it is, I eat it right of the spoon, but I bet it’d be great on toast, or on pancakes, or anything else you like. It seems to thicken up in the fridge, so next time I’ll make it with more soya milk. In he end I used about 100g peanut butter, 1 banana and 70-100ml soya milk and cinnamon. Try it!

Mousse, Meese?

July 20, 2009

What would be the plural of mousse, because mousses just doesn’t sound right. This is another mousse post (remember chocolate mousse?). This time it’s for a banana mousse. Equally delicious, but in a different way. On to that later, though.

It’s day one of the summer holidays, and as I expected, I am bored already, 6 more weeks!? Surely not. I can only fulfill so many hours of the day. Though, other people don’t have this trouble, maybe it’s just me… I have a book, 101 things to do before you’re 16, I keep meaning to flick through it and do some things. (One of them was become vegetarian for a month – I think I have surpassed that :D). We went into Woodbridge today, there isn’t much in the way of shops, and it was windy and slightly chilly today. I am still waiting for that ‘long hot summer’ we are supoosed to be having. Hmph. But in the summer, Woodbridge is quite nice, the river makes for a nice walk, and if you’re up for it there’s tennis, swimming, and other stuff.

Todays recipe feature: Mouse! Same kinda thing as the chocolate one, just a different flavour. I made it for two today, too. My sister decided to join in, and I don’t think she regretted it! If anyone knows what ‘Angel Delight’ is, this mousse (and the chocolate one) is a very similar dish, but vegan!

banana mousseTo make a Banana mousse for two, you need:

  • 1/2 to 2/3 a block of tofu
  • soy milk (amount needed varies)
  • 1 banana
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla essence
  • 1/2 teaspoon Almond essence
  • 4 or more teaspoons sugar (depends how much you like)

Chuck everything in a blender (I used the magic bullet, since you can use a single person sized cup to blend in), starting of with 1/4 cup soy milk. Blend untill smooth. At the beginning, I had to stop every 10 seconds or so and give it a shake to get the blades going again. You may also have to use a spoon to remove unblended stuff from the sides. Keep adding soymilk, a little bit at a time, untill at the consistancy you like. (I used about 2/5 cup soymilk in the end). Place in a dish and refridgerate for about 1-2 hours. It doesn’t need refridgerating, it just makes it a little thicker.

I decorated mine with grated chocolate, and chocolate chips. Yum!