About your beautiful blogger

Je suis Ninja

Je suis Ninja

As my blog name suggests, I am a teenage vegan. Actually, I’m 15. My alter ego is being a Ninja. For the record, Ninjas beat Pirates anyday.

I live in sunny England, in the east, in the appropiatly named East Anglia. Potatoes grow so well here because of the rain, and it’s only in june I feel able to take my coat off. Therfore, my ambition is to move to Austrailia one day.

I live in a very omnivorous family. Except my nan, who doesn’t eat meat. (but prepares it and will eat meat based gravies and eats fish and… the list goes on lol)

I’m currently a student, doing my GCSE’s and trying to survive, just like anyone else. When I’m older I’m thinking of becoming a dietition or nutritionalist, I love learning about food and the effect it has on our bodies and love passing on that information, so I think it’s an ideal job for me.

I love languages too. I am studying French at school, and did teach myself a fair bit of Japanese. However, sadly, since my GCSEs started, I’ve been so busy I haven’t done any study for about a year now. Which is a shame because I was really getting somewhere and now I’m going backwards. It is something I will definatly pick up later though. I am also intrigued by the English language, I think it’s really interesting just to look further into why we say things how we do and how the language has evolved and continues to change.

I have some great pets, a guinea pig named skinny, and two cats, ‘Miow-Miow’ (My sister gave her that silly name!), and charlie. Miow Miow is a feral cat. She originally started living in our garden shed randomly. We fed her and gave her a watter bowl, and also gave her a box to sleep in. She would often hiss at us if we came too close. Then one day, after a few months of coaxing, she let my sister stroke her, even if ever so briefly and lightly, what a break through! She then went on to have 3 kittens. At this point, we called the cats Protection League as we thought it was in her and the kittens interest if they were caught and looked after properly. The CPL took them in looked after them for us, even spaying Miow Miow for free. They re homed two of the kittens, and we kept one, Sinbad. Sadly though, he went missing at about 1 year old, and we only ever found his collar 😦 (Though, many cats in our area went missing at the same time – suspicious?). That is the reason we have Charlie, as someone on the local radio said they’d found a cat fitting the description of Sinbad, but when my mum went to see, it turned out to be a different cat. However, she still came home with him! we wasn’t microchipped or anything, so we couldn’t trace his real owner.

miow miow

When Miow Miow was ready to come home, she had to be brought inside due to her operation. It’s because of this she now lives inside, as she wasn’t aloud outside for a month, so became used to living inside. After that, she would go outside, but choose to come back inside! She was still ever so feral though, still hissing and still not letting us touch her. She was really scared, she was always running away and hiding.

She’s a completely different cat now though. Time has made her pretty trusting of us, she’ll let my sister stroke her a lot now, and properly stroke her too, as you would any other cat. She can’t be picked up though. She’ll let my mum and me stroke her often too, and she’s stopped hissing at us. (Though she still hisses very occassionly). She even jumps up on the sofa and sleeps next to us sometimes. She’s a completely different cat, and is so beautiful, she’s also ever so playful. When she wants to play, she’ll sit infront of her mouse on a string and stare at you untill you play with her. I think, had she not been feral, she’d have made such a perfect house cat.


he chooses such odd places to sit



5 Responses to “About your beautiful blogger”

  1. harpy Says:

    Hello there! How long have you been a vegan, and what does the omnivorous family think about it?

    • teenagedvegan Says:

      Thanks for the coment harpy – I know my blog has been read by at least one other person now πŸ˜€

      I’ve only been vegan a few months. My family’s opinion is very varied. My mother is indifferent, but rather accepting, she does consider my needs when buying new stuff. My nan is the best about it though, always asking what she can cook me when i come over and stuff. My mum has to stop her buying the whole ‘free from’ range, just because she thinks I want to eat everything that is vegan lol.
      My brother hates it, and enjoys saying how he loves to eat roast dinners and icecream and stuff. The rest of my family haven’t really expressed anything on the matter.

  2. Aaron Dreyer Says:

    Hey, Just caught your blog while searching through the vegan forums online and would just like to say well done on it.
    It is very simple and easy to follow, the recipes are all doable and i might even be trying some myself soon.
    Keep up the good work and good luck writing your book.

    as a hint perhaps try and adrian mole style twist…a life story, but from your (obviously vegan) perspective…if you havn’t read the secret diaries of adrian mole i do reccomend it for any teenager.

    • teenagedvegan Says:

      Thanks for the positive comments πŸ˜€
      I’ve never heard of the book you’ve mentions, but I am a bookworm and it’s something I’ll check out!

  3. Allie Says:

    Hi! I just wanted to say that I’m also 15, also vegan, and also want to be a dietician/ nutritionist when I get older. And I love French πŸ˜€

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