Mail…For ME?


I never ever get mail. At least, not good mail. Junk, bank statements, doctor’s letters, things addressed to the wrong person or delivered to the wrong house, the only exciting things I ever get is a birthday card or two around this time of year. (It’s my birthday in one week :D)

So, to find this waiting for me when I got home was a great surprise!

SN851483 copy

All the way from America! Sent by RandomlyMikey, as part of her giveaway I won a little while back. Unfortunatly I couldn’t recieve the whole of the prize due to the stupidly high postage costs from America to England. But Mikey was still kind enough to send me part of the prize:

SN851487Mmmmm, I can’t wait to try these! I can’t get these in England, so they’ll be a real treat! I’m especially looking forward to the Luna bar. Have you guys ever eaten any of these, which one is your favourite of the 3?

I’ve also relaised I haven’t posted for ages. Sorry! I’ve been so busy, and haven’t had time to make anything blog-worthy. But yesterday I had the best day. Thorpe Park! It’s a theme park somewhere near London…Anyway it was AWESOME. I love roller coasters and thrills. I was especially excited about the Saw ride. a 100 degree drop? So cool! I even liked the corkscrew over the corspe, mormid as I am.


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5 Responses to “Mail…For ME?”

  1. traci Says:

    soy joys aren’t vegna :[

  2. traci Says:


  3. randomlymikey Says:

    darn it! well maybe you can find someone who will enjoy them because they are quite tasty. glad your mail found you 🙂 that ride looks sweeeeetttt!

  4. meilani Says:

    luna bars are my new favorite. there are so many flavors and they give me a great boost between classes.

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