Happy Birthday Holly!

It’s one of my best buddy’s birthday today, so I’d like to wish them a great one 😀

To celebrate this awesome event, I bring you vegan mofo post #4. I like to bake stuff for my friends on special occassions, especially birthdays. I’ve made sugar cookies in the past, which were okay, but not too special. Holly did request the ‘cheese’ cake balls I made for the sake of it once, but I didn’t have the ingredients on hand nor could I go and get them in time. Everyone likes ginger, right? So what better than mini ginger bread balls? Except…they turned into ginger biscuits. They tasted great though, much better than store bought gingernut biscuits, and everyone liked them, so no problem there! Just a tad dissapointing. I made my own recipe based on looking at lots of other recipes online and taking parts which sounded good and mixing them with what I wanted. That’s probably where my problem lies.

ginger biksI forgot to take a picture of them before taking them in, but 3 were left over (I’ve already eaten 4 today!), so I managed to salvage a photo for you. I used golden syrup to moisten the mixture with before cooking, which gave these a different kind of sweetness (They also had brown sugar in). There’s also some cinnamon, and to give it a good ginger kick, I used 2 1/2 heaping teaspoons of ground ginger, which is a lot more than many recipes I read called for.

Apparently I was a bit more tipsy than I remember being on saturday. I thought I remembered everything I did, but I’ve been told (at the great merriment of my friends) that I was up to all kinda things. Thankfully nothing too embarrassing though, however I think I have a couple of apologies to make to a couple of people. Jeez, I’ve learnt my lesson! That begs the question, have you ever done something you regret under the unfluence of alcohol?


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3 Responses to “Happy Birthday Holly!”

  1. Bonnie Says:

    Those biscuits look delicious!
    I usually don’t drink much so I guess I don’t have many experiences to share, but I hope you had a good time! and that your friend had a great birthday.

  2. twoveganboys Says:

    Wow. They look so good!

  3. Ossetra Kaviar kaufen Says:

    good recipe! ;). I love studying your web logs. Where did you download this gorgeous weblog design from? Greetings from india.

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