Autumn is here

Autumn is really making itself known; crisp, fresh mornings, early darkness, the crunch of dead leaves and of course, conkers. I do love autumn for all these reasons, I find it so beautiful, and especially on days like today where it is still warm enough to not feel a chill at all. I wish I was a young child again so I could crash through massive piles of leaves and have conker fights – those were the good days! I might actually try and get my family to go for a walk in the nearby woods soon while it’s not too cold. Though it also means winter is round the corner, and I really suffer in winter, which does remind me, I need to buy a coat!

I’ve struggled with tofu marinades since forever, they’ve never produced the taste I wanted. I put this down to making the marinades myself, so to counter this I bought a bottle of teriyaki marinade. It made the tofu so yummy! It would have gone great for tofu and veg skewers, or in a stirfry, but today I was boring and had just baked slices of tofu with roast veggies.

SN851223It would have been perfect if I had had time to cook the tofu for longer. I’m glad I’ve finially been successful in marinades though.

I’m also really excited to say I won RandomlyMikey’s giveaway! Thanks for hosting the giveaway, Mikey!

One last thing from me today, this song has really captured my heart and amused me, I’m weird enough to admit I have watched it more than once.


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One Response to “Autumn is here”

  1. La' Says:

    in fact the song is not really nice on the “musical side” but its lyrics is so funny, my cat acts more or less the same ahah

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