Up and down…all around

The last few days have really been a roller coaster. I finally went to the doctors about my insomnia, and came out with depression. I’ve been feeling really down and out of it for months. I’ve felt so isolated, bored, irritable, tired and so full of rage. I’ve just been drifting. It’s kinda complicated…Anyway, because of my age, I can’t have anti Ds (1 and a half more months till I can though), but I did get referred to councelling. At first I kinda regretted going to the doctors about the whole thing, because I just felt like I was being over dramatic and stupid. But I’ve stewed it over today, and I’ve decided the councelling will help me sort out my mind.

Anyway, boring depressing stuff aside, I may just have landed a job. The guy from the chippy never gave me a call, and I can’t be bothered to go and see him again, so that jobs a no-go. However, I was having a conversation with a friend, and found out the local farm cafe might be hiring some new people. I phoned up and asked if they wanted any weekend staff, and I’ve got an interview tomorrow! Yay money!

I also found another use for my excessive pile of kale:

SN851199A kinda stew thing…I’m not too sure what it is. I used some timmed tomatoes, sprouted beans, onion, mushroom and kale and served it with a rye flake pilaf. It certainly filled a spot :D. Cooked kale lacks the bitterness that it’s raw counterpart has, so that’s a good thing.

By the way, did you know it’s only 107, Days. 5, Hours. 51, Minutes untill Christmas!


2 Responses to “Up and down…all around”

  1. randomlymikey Says:

    oh- i love christmas. even though i hate winter. i’m sorry you are struggling hun. but happy you are seeking help now. i was always too scared to get help or felt like i was making a big deal out of nothing. now i know i should have got things sorted way earlier. hang in there. good luck with the job.

  2. Kale? No thanks! « Says:

    […] eat it, but it isn’t the most palatable of vegetables for me. I’ve tried it in salads, in stews, raw, and finally as crisps. Not keen on it at all. It was quite nice in the stew, though… […]

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