Today we went to Old Orleans for our lunch, ever so slightly influenced by the fact that if you sign up on their website you get £10 off your bill. In terms of vegan food, I did have a bit of choice. I was thinking about getting the bean chilli, but that’s only available week days *grumble*. I could only have got it as a starter over crispy potato skins. But either way, I fancied fries. They have a veggie burger which comes with chips, but I dunno if that has egg in it or not. So I decided to make myself a meal out of side dishes, it comes out at the same cost as a proper meal yet I get a bit of everything. I had BBQ beans, fries, steamed veggies and cajun fried mushrooms. OMG the mushrooms were to die for! I could have eaten 100s of the things. Yum-ity-yum. The resteraunt was so quiet, a complete opposite to when we went to Frankie and Bennys a few weeks ago on a sunday. We got a complimentry bowl of pop corn upon being seated, but it was butter flavoured. Even before I was vegan, salted popcorn always had one hundred up on buttered popcorn.

I came across a large bunch of kale in one of our trips to the farm shop the other day, and I’m a little over whelmed by it. What can I do with so much kale? I made a kale salad for my lunch tomorrow tonight (I like to prepare my school lunch the night before), I’ll probably have some steamed kale with my dinner some nights, but I’d love to use it in recipes (quick recipes, mind). Any ideas? I don’t fancy a kale smoothie.

I’m finally going to book an appointment with my GP about my sleeping tomorrow. I hate getting so little sleep.


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  1. randomlymikey Says:

    omg, that pic just made me laugh so hard. good thing i was drinking any liquids!

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