The smoking noodle

I woke up feeling rather down this morning. I suppose the way you go to bed feeling is the way you’ll wake up. I had to force myself to eat breakfast this morning, a feat I usually have no trouble with! I took this morning a lot slower, and went on my walk later than usual. But once I was outside I did feel slightly better. Fresh air really is good for you, especially on an unusually warm and clear-skyed september morning.

A while ago I managed to get my hands on some buckwheat / soba noodles, the 100% buckwheat ones, not the part wheat part buckwheat ones. I’ve been waiting for the perfect meal to try them out in, and decided a stir fry was to be their fate. This was the first time I’ve ever eaten buckwheat noodles, and it has to be said, I could never go back to plain wheat noodles! They were the most delicious noodle / pasta I’ve had… Ever. They were rich, strong flavoured, I could have eaten an entire packet plain with nothing else. If you’ve never had them, get them right now. Below is the stir fry, I added half a sachet of blue dragon spicy szechuan sauce to the stir fried vegetables, cooked the noodles and stirred them in at the end. There’s also some rehydrated soya chunks in there too, with some added red wine venegar and garlic powder for flavouring.

SN851197They didn’t want to mix into the vegetables though, they just went into a clump and din’t want to seperate…Any ideas how to prevent that?

We went to Aldborough in the afternoon for a little walk along the beach and through the town. I keep meaning to ask if we can have lunch there one day, there is a chip shop there which has some of Suffolk’s (If not England’s) best chips, or so I hear. Walking along the beach was so relaxing; the crashes of the waves doubled with the sound of clinking pebbled as we walked was soothing. I really do love the seaside.

I’ve been told we’re having lunch out tomorrow, something to do with the fact my sister is going back to Norwich to live after her summer here…Or something. Personally I think my mother just wanted an excuse to eat out! My sister gets to choose, and she’ll probably choose Frankie and Bennys again. They’re okay for vegans, not great though. Last time I got a cheese-less pizza, which looking back probably wasn’t vegan. It was made with nut pesto…hmm. Still, I love eating out, I love the atmosphere and the chance to be out with family.


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