I like my monday timetable, because last two lessons I have DT Food Technology, which does involve cooking, and at GCSE, we get a pretty free scope on what we cook. Our assessment task is, ‘nutritionalists are concerned people are not eating enough fruits and vegetables’. We researched this, found our ‘target market’, designed questionaires then evaluated them, and from that had to choose 6 dishes to cook. Obviously including fruits or vegetables. We had to find 6 recipes and adapt them to suit our specification. It’s a lot of hard work, and there’s a lot of work that went into the research and the questionaires ect! And then after each dish there’s a ton more work, nutritional analyis, practical evaluation, product evaluation, price analysis ect.

I’ve already made Chestnut Cottage Pie and Butternut Squash Tart/Quiche thingy, and while the cottage pie didn’t quite work out, the tart was really yummy, actually, I blogged about it already.

Today I made cauliflower cheese. I’ve made vegan cauliflower cheese in the past but, this one was the best success. Usually I just use nutritional yeast in the sauce, but today I used some strong cheddar Sheese too. The cheddar sheese smells so much like normal cheese, and eaten plain it has a real cheese taste. I don’t get why some vegans have said it’s disgusting and too sweet! And I used oatmilk in it this time. I’ve never used it before, but I always found that soya milk forms a skin when left to cool, so I tried oatmilk. No skin! It also tastes really good! I’m going to try it on cereal tomorrow, and also some hot chocolate. Good stuff! I wish it was cheaper than soymilk, otherwise I’d drink it instead!

Anyway, here’s the end result, there’s some leek in there too:

cauliflower sheeseYum yum yum. Made too much for one though, so it was a bit too filling, that said, I did give some to my sister before dishing up, so it’s not so bad! My recipe makes enough for 2 people, really.

  • 3/4 small to medium cauliflower
  • 200ml oatmilk
  • 2 teaspoons corn flour
  • 1 dessert spoon n, chopped into ring, then the rings pushed apart
  • 1/5 block of strong cheddar style sheese, about 50g, grated (Or some other good flavoured vegan cheese, the stronger the flavour the better)

First of all, in a blender add the oatmilk and grated sheese and blend till the sheese is well mixed in. Cook the cauliflower, however you usually cook it. I did mine in the microwave untill semi soft, but with a bit of bite left to it. Fry the leek untill well done, then take off the heat and add the oatmilk and sheese mix. Mix the cornflour with about 50ml water till dissolved, and add to the pan with the leek and oatmilk. Gently bring to the boil, stirring constantly, when it’s thickened turn the heat off, but leave the pan on the hot hob, mix in the nutritional yeast, some salt and pepper if desired then the cauliflour. Mix it all together and voila, cauliflower sheese!


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