It’s been a hard day’s life

The last couple of days have gone in a blur. My head’s all spinny now taking in a whole new year. Still, so far so good, let’s hope it stays that way. Although, as the year goes on the pressure will keep building and building. Gaah.

I’m also trying to look for a job, nothing big, just something at the weekends perhaps. I put my name down to work in the local chippy the other day, so hopefully I’ll get work there. The pay will probably be negliable, but money is money, and I want to start saving for my future asap. If I don’t get in there, I may look for a job in a store in the nearest town, or maybe tesco’s, although I’ll have to wait till after my 16th birthday to do that, if I’m lucky, I should be able to get at least a temp job over the christmas period.

One of my best sweet loves used to be white chocolate, mmm! Especially milky bar. But now I’ve found something equally nice, only in vegan form!

SN851156It was bloomin’ expensive for a chocolate bar, so it’s very lucky I like it! It’s not really like white chocolate at all, then again, it doesn’t claim to be, the label simply says ‘vanilla confectionary’. It’s really yummy! A tad sickly though. It’s very sweet, with a good vanilla taste. I’m actually glad it’s sickly, because other wise I would eat the lot at once! You can actually see the vanilla in it:


Dinner was a scrummy stir fry:

SN851163Kinda looks like the one I had the other day, but it’s very different! I used the smoked tofu I got the other day. I had no idea if you’re meant to cook it or not, so I fryed it in some fry lite anyway. It came out with a more sponge like texture, which is what I’ve been trying to do for ages, maybe in future I just need to dry fry my normal tofu for longer? I made my own stir fry sauce, though it wasn’t as good as the kind you get from a sachet :(.

I intend on getting to bed really late tonight, and giving myself a nice long lie in, like, maybe till 11:30? Perhaps I’ll have a Chobits-a-thon and stay up till 3:00 ish. Though my body will get me out of bed by 9:00, I’m sure. I probably shouldn’t be messing with my body clock at all, considering the trouble I have sleeping.


One Response to “It’s been a hard day’s life”

  1. randomlymikey Says:

    that white bar looks so good!

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