Here we go again

Once again, I’ve found myself at the beginning of the new school year. The last time at this school, just got to count down the months now. Nine left.

The first day is the worst, because everyone is telling everyone about how great their holidays were, how they went to so many parties and met up with so many people (I didn’t see much of anyone at all). Though, it feels like we’ve been back for weeks for some reason.

I also found out some bad news (for me). Our music practical exams are right at the beginning of february, that’s our solo and ensemble. I’m really not gonna be ready. I wish wish wish wish wish I had never taken music.

I at least get a half hour lie in now, I’ve decided to prepare my packed lunch the night before now, save me rishing in the morning. I really needed the half hour extra this morning, it took me 3 hours to get to sleep last night, I just felt so wide awake. I’ve had trouble sleeping for a while though, maybe I”ll try some lavander oil on my pillow or something (That’s meant to help, right?)

The new year 7’s never cease to amaze me. Every year, they come in with their ties done right up, top button done up, shirts tucked in. In other words, the model student. They soon learn learn the true ways though, they can only be made fun of so many times before they realise. (It’s not me that makes fun of them though, I’m not that mean). I remember when I was in year 7…gosh, so many years ago! I remember crying because I couldn’ find my history exercise book one morning, and getting really anxious about it, before realising the teacher had it >.<


3 Responses to “Here we go again”

  1. randomlymikey Says:

    good luck with everything hun. maybe try some chamomile tea to relax you before bed?

  2. PheelingSublime Says:

    Don’t Worry so much about what the other kids at school do for the holidays or any day for that fact,Take your education seriously but don’t worry over it.Do what makes you happy.As you get older you will care less and less about what others think of you.Trust me, they are just as scared and uneasy as anyone, they just cover it up by being what they think everyone else wants or thinks they should be.Be yourself and find happiness in that,you will see the truly special and outstanding person you are . Good Luck ..MaTT

  3. KimChi Says:

    I’m a dickface who needs a life! Sorry to post this on your blog, but I really need to tell the world what an insecure weener I am.

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