One more day

There is only one more day after tonight left of the holiday. It’s dragged so much, but looking back it has gone oh so quickly. I’m not ready to go back! Not least because I’ll have music. One of my biggest mistakes was to choose that as an GCSE option. Not only is the listening so hard even the best musicians in the class struggle, attempting to do the practicals on the drums is a step in the really too hard direction. I regret my choice so much, that I’d be happy with a C in music, but in all my other subjects, I am hoping for at least an A (Gosh, I sound like a nerd, some people I know would kill me for saying that!).

I’ve also come to the conclusion that I hate the school I go to. I hate the people, and even the people I thought were friends proved not to be such great people. Also, I never really ‘gelled’ with my high school. I almost had a chance to change schools 2 years ago, and I changed my mind, thought I’d be better off where I am. If it wasn’t for the fact changing schools would mess up my GCSE’s, I’d get out of this school right now. Oh well, one more year, then I can bugger off to the school I want to go to for 6th form. I shan’t be sad to leave in the slightest.

Today was my once every 5 weeks or so trip to Poppy’s Pantry. I picked up some new items which I can’t wait to try! I got some smoked tofu, which was reduced because it passes its best before tomorrow (I got 2 packs though, since you can freeze it), which shall be going in a stir fry tomorrow, methinks. I also got some more vegan cheese, after the success I had with the Blue Sheese. This time I got Strong Chedder Sheese for when I do cooking at school, I’m putting it in a cauliflower cheese. I also got some melting cheese, ‘Vegerella’ by Biddy Merkins. I’m gonna put this stuff on a pizza! (I types in ‘vegerella’ on google to see if any one else had reviewed it, and someone said that the name vegerella sounds like some nasty STD. Well, made me smile any way.)


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