Maybe bank holidays aren’t so bad…

I was surprised to find myself in Lowestoft today. Not quite Great Yarmouth, but my mother point blank refuses to go there on a bank holiday. I had no idea where we were heading when I was loaded into the car, though after half the journy I had an idea. I wish I’d been told, so that I could have brought the camera, and some spare clothes so I could go in the sea! I only got to paddle today because of that.

When we got there, it was cloudy, dull, chilly and rather windy, but by lunch there were blue skies and it was quite warm. I had better luck in the archades, I actually won something this time! Two things, actually. The dance machine didn’t like me though :/. I hit (most of) the steps yet it didn’t register half of them, thus I failed after one song. Big fat waste of £1 coins!

Lunch was (one of) my favourites – chips! We went into an eat in chip shop, my idea. Bad idea though, they charge so much extra for that pleasure. Then again, it was windy outside… Big waste of money this time though, the chips were the worst we’ve ever eaten. They were not proper chip shop chips at all… More like frozen pre bought chips deep fried. There were hard bits on the ends of all the chips too. So dissapointed :(. I rarely eat junk (well, try not to!), so when I do, I would like it to be tasty and worth it. The onion rings I had with the chips though were nice…

We also ventured into the town, I found out that the book I’ve been waiting for has come out – Ghost Hunter, by Michelle Paver. I’ve read all the other books in that series by her, starting with Wolf Brother, and have been eagerly awaiting this book since Oath Breaker. Amazon here I come…

We’ve also found somehting to do some sundays. At one of the piers, there is a rollorblading  hall, I can go rollorblade and my mum and brother can go to the archades or  onto the beach – win-win! I love rollorblading.

I’m also excited about the butternut squash fries I made last saturday night. They tasted as good as real chips/fries (but in a different way), but are healthy. Mmmmm, I loved them. Will definatly make again. I wonder if you can make swede fries…

SN851142Simply sprayed some olive oil fry light into a foil lined tin, added the ‘fries’, sprayed them with the fry light, then roasted for 35 minutes at 180 C. Though maybe they should be done at 145C for 45 minutes or so. I had to have them at 180 C though, since my mother needed the oven on that temperature.


2 Responses to “Maybe bank holidays aren’t so bad…”

  1. PheelingSublime Says:

    Just wanted to say i love your blog.What i like the most is you dont just talk about food,you always write about what you are doing and not just about what you eat.I myself am a Vegetarian,Wish i could go Vegan,I try, but its so hard to find food with no milk 🙂 ..Anyways,I like the food ideas you give ,and i love to hear about England,I live in the U.S. but i dunno i would love to visit England.Anyways hello from Roanoke VA,

  2. randomlymikey Says:

    i love rollerblading! i haven’t been forever 😦

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