I hate sundays

I’ve never been dead keen on sundays, but now I really, really hate them. Sundays in my house = boredom, arguments, and a whole array of negative emotions. Not to mention, monday follows sunday.

But I did try a new food today: Mock Duck. I was quitre curious to try it, as some people have said it’s shapped and tastes just like duck meat. I opened the can and tipped into a bowl out…Uhm, what did I pour out? I’m not sure, there were a couple of shreds of ‘duck’, and a couple of lumps. It even had dimples on it, like a plucked duck. It pulled about into shreds like meat would, it’s scarily realistic. Although, I’ve never eaten duck so I wouldn’t know taste wise or texture wise. I put it into a tikka masala sauce and had it for lunch. It has a ‘meaty’ texture, but I don’t think it tasted of meat. The mock duck I had was fried wheat gluten based, I think. It was yum though, but a tad on the pricey side for what it was. (£1.99 for 3 servings). Below: Tikka masala with mock duck and a white fluffy barely pilaf instead of fluffy white rice.


Titanic’s on at the moment on TV, too. I love the film soo much, but I can’t watch it because the end always makes me cry :o. It’s also way too long, by the time adverts are taken into account, it’s on for about 4 hours.


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