I hate bank holiday weekends, they seem so pointless! All it means is not being able to get anywhere because the roads are so jam packed. Although that said, I am trying to get my mum to take us to Great Yarmouth again on monday, since it’ll be the last chance this year we get and monday’s supposed be good weather (Though I probably speak too soon, bank holidays are never nice!)

We went to town today to buy the last of the stuff I need for school next year. I only needed a pair of P.E shoes, but we ended up buying a lot more than that, typically! Though my mum did get me a couple of presents for my birthday, which I obviously have to wait for (just under 2 months away!). The last week of holidays is the worst week for going shopping though, as it’s sooo busy full from all the other last minute school shoppers.

I especially enjoyed my walk this morning, because the weather was so autumnal. A nice crisp wind and clear blue skies really elated my mood. (And boy, does it need elating!)

The kimchi I ate yesterday is stinking out the fridge :o. I only ate about 1/3 of the packet, and put the rest in a covered bowl. though the smell is coming out and making the fridge smell funky. (But I like the smell, it smells like a really spicy curry!). My mother says it’s making the milk taste off. That’s where my soy milk has one up on her cow’s milk – mine comes in a carton with a top, but ’cause she gets her milk form the milkman it comes in a glass bottle with no cap.

Also, I’ve found a new youtube obsession. The opening song is super catchy and the mini cartoon is really funny, trust me. I’m also a cat fanatic, so of course it sppeals to me  😀


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  1. randomlymikey Says:

    omg, that was so random and cute 🙂

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