I thought I would hate today, I really did. Why? Because once again, I found myself having to go for a meal at the Sheperd and Dog for lunch. It ia my grandparent’s golden (50th) aniversary on saturday, but because they are away then, they wanted to take us for a meal today. Last time, my dish barely scratched the surface of my stomach, and I thought that was all I could have from the menu. However, it seems I misread the sandwich section. So I went for a sandwich, to see if it was an improvement. It wasn’t a boring sandwich, either. It was hummus, pepper, tomato and rocket on malted bloomer bread. It was very large, and very yummy! I seldom eat sandwiches at home (I prefer more filling dishes). It also came with a side of chips – great! I liked this more than the pepper thing I had before, mostly because it was more filling. I asked for it without butter, but I forgot to ask what was in the hummus, so I think I may have unknowingly consumed some kinda dairy *facepalm*. Oh well, what’s done is done. It was tasty either way. (Not that I would knowingly consume dairy, just so you know). Overall, I had a much better time this time round, because I actually enjoyed what I was eating. So full was I that I didn’t even have any dinner.

And just because I think this picture of my cat is funny/cute:



2 Responses to “Surpised…”

  1. Emma Says:

    I may be wrong, but usually I don’t think hummus contains dairy! I came across your blog from CCV’s blog, I’m really enjoying reading it so far! =)
    PS – How cute is your cat!

  2. randomlymikey Says:

    ha ha. the pic of the cat is quite amusing! i have never had a hummus that contained dairy so you might be good there.

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