It’s been a few days

I haven’t posted for a few days, but I haven’t been here, so I have an excuse! Wednesday I was busy – me and a couple of friends went into town. We nearly got stranded, but thanks to my mother, managed to get home. Then Thursday to today I’ve been at my grandparents house again. I choose a bit of a bad time to go, since they were quite busy emptying their pond then refilling it – it’s a big job! But if I dodn’t go then I wouldn’t get another chance, as they go on holiday next saturday and they have things to be getting on with.

Thursday me an my nan went to Felixstowe for a while. It was really quiet, considering it’s the middle of august and peak holiday season. But it just meant there was more room on the sea front to walk along :). We went through the town, walked by the sea, and finally went into the arcades for a while. Lunch was the best part – Chips! We had a large portion of chips and a sprong roll each. The spring rolls were massive! And so many chips…But sooo yummy. Chips are my new favourite food. (Sorry, mushrooms)

Todays been mainly uneventful, had my haircut, but that’s about it. I love my new cut, it’s a more tame, shorter, more stylish version of my hair before I went in.

I can’t believe the holidays are nearly over. They drag and drag, but looking back, they go so quickly!


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