Sea and Sun

Finally, my part of England is experiencing some summer weather. It could get up to 28 C tomorrow, which is nothing to some people, but to us it’s getting up there with too hot. So where else do you go on a warm day than the beach? Today’s adventure took me to Southwold. We may have gone somewhere a little closer to home, but we like sandy beaches over stoney ones, so Southwold was the nearest. We decided to go before lunch and take a picnic. It’s been years since we’ve taken a picnic to the beach. When I was younger we used to go up to Sizewell a lot and have a picnic on the grassy area away from the beach. We’d take some bats and balls up and play games. (Although, they’re building on that bit now :()

I have memories of sandwiches, quite literally. I hated that, each bite would entail a mouth of sand if we ate on the beach itself. But thankfully, I didn’t suffer that today, because I didn’t have sandwiches, and I had the sense to eat before getting wet and sandy. Instead a made up a bean salad to take with me, and some seeds and an apple.

I went all the way into the water today (my mother gave me the usual lecture not to go in too far, hah. When we used to go to the beach often, I always wanted a boogie board, but was never, and still am not, aloud one.). Still, I managed to get in to about upper chest/lower neck depth – didn’t dare go in any further – Hell have no fury like a mother scorned. I loved it. It was a little chilly, but some of the waves were massive and I’d just lie in the sea and let them float me back to shore. The only bad part is when a wave crashes into your face and into your mouth. It’s disgustingly salty. And, people pee in the sea! Ew!

Now, tell me, have you ever seen a vegetable quite like this?

SN851086It’s a squash. Can’t remember it’s name, but I bought it from a Polish stall. It’s not much different from any other squash in taste, although I thought it was more bland. However, it is much softer than a butternut squash, and I actually forgot to peel it when  had some the first time, but the skin cooked up well too and was edible. Though it may have only been softer because I’ve had it in the veg rach for 3 weeks…

SN851089And on a crap note, the SD card in my comera went weird, yesterday. I stuck it in my card reader in my computer and it told me I needed to format the card, but doing so would make me lose all my images. My camera said the same when I put it in there. So I had to do it. I lost all my pictures which I hadn’t put on my computer, and worst of all, they include some pictures of Skinny. 😦


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One Response to “Sea and Sun”

  1. randomlymikey Says:

    ah! that sux! i hate technology sometimes. your trip sounds super fun and that is one weird looking veggie )

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