Lazy Sundays

I hate lazy sundays, they bore me. I mean, what’s so great about staying at home all day doing absolutly nothing?

I do lie, I haven’t not done nothing, I just haven’t done much. I spent some of this morning though nursing my guinea pig. She’s very old, and I don’t think she will be around for many days longer. At one point today I thought she’d be gone within the hour. Thankfully (Or maybe, not so thankfully), she lives. I say not so thankfully because she’s lost the ability to walk far. She’s had a slightly bad back leg for a while, but it’s gone completely now. When I put her in the run yesterday she almost rolled right over it was so bad. She’s not eating much either, or drinking. She’ll eat a little grass or lettuce if we give it to her, but not with any enthusiasm. We kept her indoors today in a pet carrier with some hay in it. She’s not right at all, her old age is getting to her very badly. Her companian guinea pig died of old age about 3 months ago. My mum is taking her to the vets tomorrow, but had told me already that if/when it comes to it, I need to decide if I want her put down on monday or tuesday. I’m not in on monday, as my nan is taking me and my sister to Norwich. But I don’t think I could bare to be in the room when she’s put down 😦 It’s a hard decision to make, but she doesn’t have much quality of life now, and it may be kinder.

As part of Chocolate Covered Katie’s Spiralizer give away, I made myself a Lazy-Girl Quiche for my lunch from Katies recipe page. I only made enough for one person so I adapted the recipe accordingly. Even though, I’m not quite sure why mine came out orange/red and Katie’s more brown. Hmmm… It was certainly yummy! Reminded me more of an omlette, but would be great in a quiche crust. Though mine came out too thin. My fault though, I used too big a dish as I didn’t have one the right size.

SN851091I’m definatly making this again, might even experiment with the ingredients next time (Pea quiche, anyone?) 😀



3 Responses to “Lazy Sundays”

  1. Chocolate-Covered Katie Says:

    Oh gosh, I hope your little guinea pig gets better soon… although the poor guys don’t tend to live very long :(. At least you gave your baby a good life!

    I’m so excited you tried the quiche!! And I’d be excited to see any variations you might try… cuz then I can borrow your ideas and try them too 🙂 :).

    Love ya!

    (Oh, and seven entries for you for SURE!)

  2. Breakfast at Tiffany’s « Chocolate-Covered Katie Says:

    […] teenagedvegan’s tomato-topped version of the Lazy-Girl […]

  3. The voracious Vegan Says:

    I hope your sweet guinea pig feels better soon!

    That quiche looks scrumptious, I bet it was just as delicious as it looks.

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