Fun in the (Lack of) Sun

Yesterday we went to great Yarmouth for the day, and it was sooooo much fun! I had a great time, even if the weather was a little chilly.

We started by going to the pleasure beach theme park, it’s so expensive! It costs as much to go there as it does to go to a proper theme park if you buy the all day wristband. We just got some tokens, since we weren’t planning on staying all day. There’s some really great rides, but my two favourites, no matter where I go, will be the waltzers and the carousel. I meant to take my travel bands with me, to help stop me feeling too icky after being spun round. Luckily though I was a-okay, even though I forgot them.


SN851052I love theme park rides, I’d have gone on them all mant times if there were enough hours in the day. But at about 1:30 we dicided lunch was in order, and what else do you eat at the sea side other than chips!? We walked through the town to the market to get some, and boy, were they yum! I polished of my mum’s portion too, since she never eats them all. We then made our way through the town back to the sea front. There’re some pretty cool shops, some of them sell some pretty quirky things. I’m still struggling to convince my mum that it really is a good idea to buy me a set of samurai swords.

Next up was the pier, we never do much on the pier, simply walk to one end and back. It’s always really windy on there though, so we’re not really tempted to stay long. Another thing about Great Yarmouth I love is the beach itself, it’s a nice sandy one, unlike the local beaches to me. I even went for a paddle! The water was quite cold at first though, but I got used to it. I would have gone in all the way had I brought some spare clothes with me. If it had been a nicer day, we would have stayed on the back for quite a while longer, but it was very breezy and slightly chilly and cloudy, so we weren’t in much on a beach mood.

SN851060we ended the day by spending an hour or so at the arcades. Didn’t win anything, though. Usually I manage to come home with at least a crappy toy from the 2p machines. I love the dance mats in the arcade though, especially the Dance dance revolution versions (The Dance Stage one’s offer crap songs). I do have a dance mat at home, but I find the arcade ones more challenging, and the whole arcade experience is much better than a home one. I also found guitar hero! It must be new this year, as I haven’t seen them in the arcade before. Another firm favourite of mine is the sword game they have, you have a fake sword and there’re motion sensors and you have to fight zombies and stuff.


The only thing I did miss though, was enjoying my typical Mr Whippy ice cream with a 99 flake in it. They were always my absolute favourite treat, and is the one thing I cannot find a vegan version of. My mum and sister enjoyed one, but I got some solero shots instead. Not the same!

We got there at about 10:45 am and didn’t leave till about 6.00pm. We didn’t bother with dinner when we got home, but instead watched some episodes of Gimme Gimme Gimme and ate some salsa and some more totilla chips. The night before last we got through a very large share bag of chilli dorritos and a large share bag of walker’s sensations, and a whole pot of safari souce and a whole pot of salsa. This is between 3 people. I ate the most, and suitably felt the most sick after 😦 Last night we got through a very large bag of tortilla chips and salsa jar. Again, I ate most of them. I feel oh so very greedy now. But I made sure I went on an extra long cycle ride this morning to make up for it 😀


One Response to “Fun in the (Lack of) Sun”

  1. randomlymikey Says:

    i love chips! can never get enuf. you are so cute, it sounds like you had a lot of fun. i loooovvvee the seaside, but only get to visit it like once a year:(

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