I’m in Love For the First Time

Today I have fallen in love:

YumI’ve been rather jealous of America for a while, as they have such a variety of peanut butter flavours that I can only dream of encountering. Vanilla, cinnamon ect. And by chance, I found the magic that is chocolate peanut butter! We were in Thetford town, as we’d dropped off my brother for his camp thing, and I found this in Thing-Me-Bobs. I haven’t even seen it in Tesco or anywhere, although I bet I will now. And it was only 50p! usually Whole Earth food is on the expensive side. I tried it on some ryvita tonight, but I have a feeling it would be really good on a freshly baked cinnamon hot cross bun. After I’d opened the lid and stirred it, I found that it looked like someone had added chocolate chips and warmed it slightly, as swirls of chocolate appeared in the jar. It had the right balance of chocolate to peanut butter, and wasn’t too sweet. I have a nasty feeling that this jar won’t hang around for many days, it’s the kinda stuff I’d eat straight from the jar. Two of my favourite foods combined!

I got soaked today while on my bike ride, about 5 minutes into it it started to really chuck it down. By the time I had the choice to either turn off and come home or carry on I was so wet I decided to perservere. In the end, i actually kinda enjoyed it, as it wasn’t a cold rain, and I had a hoodie on so I could protect my hair. (Which didn’t thank me, it went all frizzy and curly. And boys wonder why us girls go ‘Oh, my hair!’ when we walk out in the rain!).

I found out something else new today. Chilli heatwave doritos are vegan. I didn’t think they were, since the original flavour are not. I’m so glad, because I love doritos, and I love chilli. We’re having a movie night in tonight, dorritos, pretzals, safari sauce, salsa and a good movie. I did want to go to the cinema and see ‘Orphan’, but my mum didn’t want to drive after going all the way to Thetford and back. And tomorrow – Great Yarmouth! The weather isn’t forcast to be great, but oh well. (Typically, it’s going to be a great week end *eyeroll*)


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One Response to “I’m in Love For the First Time”

  1. randomlymikey Says:

    mmm..PB and chocolate! i’ve been wondering if i should go see orphan, it looks interesting.

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