I’m back!

I came home from my grandparent’s today. I had no access to the internet there, but I love coming home to a fit to burst inbox and stuff, gives me something to do! My nan is very interested in my veganism, and says it’s something she’d like to try(!) She even got some vegan books from the local libray when we went into town. It’s nice to have someone to talk to about veganism, without it turning into a debate or anything. I don’t think she ever will go 100% vegan, but I think it’s great that she’s willing to try. When my grandparents dropped me off at my house today, I got her to try some nutritional yeast, soya milk and some of the blue sheese, she really liked them all! The thing that concerns her most though, is the cooking aspect. My grandad is very much a meat and two veg man, and while he does like quorn in things like stirfry’ss and bolognaise (I know isn’t vegan…), he isn’t willing to give up his meat and eggs ect. So she’ll always be handling meat and dairy. She is a vegetarian at the moment though (kinda). But like she admits, she doesn’t do it very healthly, sometimes, for example, when cooking meat, potatoes and veg, she’ll just have potatoes and veg, no protein source.

I had a lovely time though. I love my grandparents and really look forward to going to stay in the holidays. We went to Colchester on thursday and Ipswich today. On the way into Ipswich, I visited one of the places I did my work experience at, PC Wake-Up. They seemed pleased that I popped in to say hi. They were really good to me when I went for the week, and they’re the kind of people I’d like to stay in contact with. I  also aquired some really odd sounding chocolate today. I got some Cayenne pepper and mango Lindt, which doesn’t sound the most appealing, does it? It’s got like a thick fondant chocolate (and mango?) centre, with a jelly like (cayenne pepper flavour?) layer on top. It certainly has a kick to it, but was really quite nice! And at 50p for a large bar, a bargain – and surprisingly vegan! (Albeit, it was all in a foreign language). I’m going to Nowrich with my nan not this monday, but the monday afterwards. Looking forward to it, hopefully my sister will come too! (It will give me another chance to go to Vegeland!)


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One Response to “I’m back!”

  1. randomlymikey Says:

    glad you had a good time and glad your back 🙂

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