For the first time in what feels like ages, we acted like a normal family today! We went out to eat, no arguments (albeit it was only Tesco’s cafe, but we can never get through eating out without arguments for some reason. Nothing to do with my veganism, either). Then in the afternoon, my mother, brother and I played bowls in the garden , as it was such a nice day. Uneventful and normal, but that’s what made it unique! Tomorrow I’m off to stay at my grandparent’s house for a couple of nights, so I may or may not update. It depends on if someone has an unlocked wireless internet connection in the vicinity of the house. (I know I shouldn’t be do it, but unfortunatly I’m addicted to the internet :P). On an unrelated note, my tongue is in immense pain. I sliced it while licking the peanut butter jar foil. Never doing that again. I now have a flappy bit of skin on my tongue.

SN851000Mmm, who wouldn’t wanna eat that? (Apart from my mother, but she’s against any product soy based *eyeroll*).

This is possibly one the best pizza that I’ve eaten, ever. The base came out perfect too, which I’m surprised at as I different really give the dough enough rising time in the airing cupboard. It hadn’t doubled in size, that’s for sure. I wasn’t sure how much yeast to use either. I was only making pizza dough enough for me, I think I ended up using half a teaspoon of yeast. I then covered it in a homemade tomato sauce, some mushrooms, some onion, some Redwood’s Cheatin’ Pepperoni style slices, and 5 minutes before the end of cooking, some blue sheese. (Although, as I mentioned in my last post, it only needs to go on after the pizza is cooked, maybe 1 minute before at most).


To watch or not to watch a movie tonight, that is the question.


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One Response to “Pizza!”

  1. randomlymikey Says:

    mm…pizza! looks good. have fun at the grandparent’s house 🙂

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