Can’t Get Enough of Them Mushrooms

People can be cruel beings, and cowards too. My advice of the day: Pick your friends wisely, and in trying to please everyone you please no one at all.

Anyway, 2 weeks, one third, of the holidays are over. I’m still getting bored and frustrated. Happens every year, and next year it will be worse as we leave an extra month early since it’s year 11 (and hence our last year). Which reminds me, the GCSE’s I took in year 10 are out  for collection at the end of August…

Today I woke up with no appetite at all. I stood in the kitchen for ages, just staring at the bag of oats, contemplating, before deciding I didn’t want anything to eat. I knew then something must be wrong, as I never feel that way. Usually I go on a bike ride or a walk after breakfast, but today decided going for a bike ride before breakfast might give me some appetite. It seemed to work, and the route was slightly quieter too, which was nice. When I got in, I was too warm for hot oats, so I decided on some All Bran covered in soya milk. I don’t understand why my grandad dislikes All Bran, it’s really nice, and has 14g fibre per portion! I didn’t really want it, but my stomach was then starting to gnaw, so I thought I’d better.

All my friends and family know me as a mushroom lover; raw, fried, roasted, microwaved, stuffed, BBQed, grilled, I love ’em any way. Sometimes I opt for a punnet of mushrooms when travelling long journeys  by car rather than traditional candy. I also used to love cream of mushroom soup, but obviously, I don’t buy that anymore. I thought I might try recreating it, we had far too many mushrooms in the fridge (thanks to my nan) and I had some black fungus I wanted to experiment with. The result?

SN850996 It looked like mushroom soup, but I have to say the taste was lacking something. It didn’t have that ‘oopmth’ that I remember. I added soymilk and some tofu to the blender to try and make a creamy taste, but I guess maybe next time I should add some of that Alpro cream or something… The black fungus gave it a bit of texture, although I don’t think it added to the flavour much. It’s really weird stuff, it went from looking similar to a dried porcini to looking like an elephant’s ear after soaking! Odd stuff…Just got to work out what to do with the rest of the bag.


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2 Responses to “Can’t Get Enough of Them Mushrooms”

  1. randomlymikey Says:

    hhmmm..maybe you could find a god recipe online? i never used to like mushrooms, but i have grown to enjoy them and they are super good for you!

  2. Blue Sheese « Says:

    […] « Can’t Get Enough of Them Mushrooms […]

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