Finally saw Harry Potter!

I’ve been itching for weeks to see this film. I love the books and the other movies have impressed me so far. This movie was good too, although it did dissapoint me a bit, but maybe I was just over hyped to see it? It took a look of hassle to arrange seeing it. Started aranging it by text, then via facebook, then text again, then finally phone. It was quite stressful, actually! My phone broke half way through, nothing to do with me dropping it (again) I’m sure. I had to put my sim in my mothers phone for a little while. Luckily my phone is working again though. Roll on October so I can get a new phone for my birthday! (I’m thinking touch screen, they’re very affordable now!)

Anyway, the film. Well, I thought it got off to a bit of a slow start. I also thought that, although I cannot remember much detail from the book, that the film missed out some important bits. I understand this is to cut down the running time, but still. Hopefully though this will be resolved for the last film as it is being shown in two halves. I also felt that the acting by Ginny’s character to be dull and bland. Though she has been a good actress in the past, so maybe this is the fault of the director. The ending dissapointed too, there was a huge climax, a gentil bring down, then the ending scene, which felt like more of a filler to me. However, the film did have great moments in, too. I thought that the scenes involving Horace Slughorn were great, the actor was perfect for the role. And the scenes near the end were pretty exhilerating, there was one point where several of the cinema goers screamed, because there was a very ‘jumpy’ moment.

I took in my own pop corn and drinks. I refuse to pay the extortionate amounts for the refreshments there. I read somewhere that the cinemas make a 1000% profit on their pop corn! And £2.00 for a bottle of drink? No way!

Overall, it is a must see for all Harry Potter fans. Although I do get the impression if you haven’t read the book you may be left a little lost.


One Response to “Finally saw Harry Potter!”

  1. randomlymikey Says:

    for me it is always bitter-sweet when my fav books get turned into movies. but i still want to see it!

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