Vegeland is Vegeheaven

Once again, I found myself on a trip to Norwich, for some shopping. The weather, as you’d expect of England, did spoil the day a little. It was chilly and wet, but luckly this improved around lunch time. I came home with an extra pair of jeans (£10 marked down from £32!) and some yummy vegan eats. (Such as dark chocolate with a twist of orange, marinated dried tofu strips, dried sweet potato strips. I also got some Blue Sheese! I am so excited about trying this, as blue cheese was always a hit with me)

One of the highlights of my day though, was lunch. But then, when is it never? After reading its good reviews on sites like HappyCow, I thought Vegeland was definatly worth a try. It’s a chinese style take out, but you help yourself. It’s 100% vegan, all it’s food is vegan and the staff are all vegan too. It’s even in the UK top 100 in the Guide to Good vegetarian Food.

Picture from Happycow

Picture from Happycow

I was lucky to eat there at all though. Me and my nan got very lost looking for it. All we knew was that it was on Cattle market Street. Not much help when you’re in a big city. We asked some people, got halfway there, then got lost. Eventually, in a last ditch attempt, we went into the drycleaners to ask the worker there where it was. We followed her directions and, finally, Cattle Market Street! That was not the end though…We passed the taxi firm we were told was nearby Vegeland, but no Vegeland. We carried on a little way, but to no avail. We then asked a passing lady if she knew where it was – she did! She told us it was quite popular, and that her friends often ate there. When we got to it, we were pretty embarrassed to realise we’d walked right by it. In the end, it took us 45 minutes to find it! My gosh, but the food was worth it. For future reference, it is kinda near castle mall. You can go up to the 1st floor (with the Norwich football club store) and out the back way, you come out nearly opposite Vegeland.

You get a polystyrene tub and you fill it with as much food as you can. I had noodles, thai curry, prawn crackers, spring rolls, this tomato-y pasta stuff, sauteed potatoes and maybe a couple of other pieces, I can’t remember! they also had other things there too, but my tub was too full 😦 ) The man working there was very friendly, and answered my questions well and was generally chatty. It’s very cheap too, £2.50 for a medium tub, £3.00 for a large tub. I had a large tub, of course. The only downside is you can’t eat in. However, on a nice day there is the castle meadow where you can sit and eat, or on a day like today you can go into the castle mall and find some benches  to sit and eat on.

My thoughts on the food? Amazing! It was so yummy, the curry was my favourite. Everything was awesome though. My nan agreed too. Next time I’m in Nowrich, I’m heading straight there! Even if you aren’t a vegan, you will love the food, you can’t tell it’s vegan – honest! Some ingredients are also on sale, such as frozen meat alternatives, and also shelf stuff such as sauces, coconut milk ect.


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    […] to cheer up enough to at least enjoy my day in Norwich. I got to eat in my new favourite place, Vegeland, and even ate some Booja Booja Hunky Punky Chocolate ice cream. Like last time, Vegeland proved […]

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