Spot the Cat

Nothing here!My cat loves to hide in our veggie patch, especially between the sprouting broccoli. She isn’t very photogenic though, and abruptly ran away after I snapped her. Usually it’s very hard to spot her as she’s normally finds a better hiding place than this.

She’s either hiding in the veggie patch, or eating it. Both of our cats have a strange fetish for onion and garlic tops, and we often spot them chewing on them. And my other cat likes to sit on the garlic we already picked and put on the windowsill. Silly cats.

I decided to go on a new route this morning for my bike ride, and I enjoyed it untill I started going down a steep hill, as I knew a down hill one way means an uphill on the way back. I don’t think I’ll be doing the route i took today again though, because it didn’t go anywhere! I was hoping to come out at a small village, with maybe a small village store to buy a drink at, or a bench to rest on. but no, I had to turn round after a while because I wasn’t going anywhere.

At Poppy’s Pantry yesterday, I got some millet. My mother enjoys telling me how I am eating bird food, she doth mock me a little bit now that I bought some millet. I’ve never had millet before, and thought I’d try it as a hot breakfast cereal.


I didn’t cook it for as long as the packet suggested, as I kinda like my grains slightly al dente and chewy. However, I think next time I will cook it for the full 20 minutes, as apparently it goes like mashed potato when you cook it for longer, and that kinda appeals to me. Taste wise, it’s a bit bland even though I made it with soy milk. I suppose I need to add something to it. It reminded of the coarse cornmeal I occassioanlly have for breakfast.

I think millet might make a better grain to use as a side dish rather than for breakfast. Some experimenting is required.



3 Responses to “Spot the Cat”

  1. randomlymikey Says:

    hhmm…very interesting! i have never tried millet but i think i shall.

  2. Jane Says:

    I’ve never tried millet either – my hamsters do enjoy it though! lol

    Doesn’t look too appealing – what do you think it is similar to?

    • teenagedvegan Says:

      have you ever had polenta? I suppose it’s a bit like plain polenta, except not solid. Also coarse cornmeal, if you’ve ever had that (similar to the american hot cereal grits). I personally think I’m going to use it more as a side dish, in stead of things like couscous, it didn’t impress me too much as a breakfast.

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