Mmm, Chocolate

Today was quite a nice day, I started off with a walk, then in the afternoon we went to Melton, tried to feed the ducks some of our old mouldy bread, but they (unsurprisingly) weren’t that interested. We went for a short walk, and finished by having a drink in the pub. Cola for me, of course. I’d never been in this particular pub, but it had a great atmosphere. I quite like pubs, they have a nice air about them, a friendly air. Although, I’ve only ever been in a pub during the day, perhaps in the evening they become a different place. It’s a shame so many are closing in this climate. We then went to ‘Poppy’s Pantry’, I love this store, it’s a social enterprise, meaning it works with disabled people, allowing them to work. I like this store for that reaosn, but also because they stock so many vegan goodies. If not for this small store, nutritional yeast flakes would still be on my wish list. I can easily get most kinds of ‘whole foods’ here, and they allow you to buy cases of stuff. So I took advantage and bought a 6 pack case of tofu (you can never have enough tofu).

Anyway, this guy familiar?


To UK readers (and possibly world wide readers), do you remember that show, ‘Willy’s Wonky Chocolate Factory’, about the bloke who wanted to make the worlds best chocolate, he owned his own cacoa plantation ect. Well, I managed to get some of his chocolate yesterday. Waitrose is his main stocker, and we don’t often go in there. It’s a rather upmarket supermarket, and to do our weekly shop there would cost a lot more than going to Tesco’s. However, yesterday we visited, and my mother said she’d indulge me. (At and £2.99 a bar, it reallywas an indulgence!). There are two types of the dark chocolate bars, soon to be three. I got the San Matin Puruvian 70.


You get two square blocks, each wrapped in a gold foil. Both are also stamped with Willy’s logo  on, it smells really good, very unique. The box says, ‘one for now…’, but honestly, it’s so rich you wouldn’t want one whole bar at once! (especially at the price – gotta make it last!). It would have been nice if the bars were divided up into squares, like your typical chocolate bars, as it’s rather hard to break up, especially straight from the fridge.

chocolateThe taste? What can I say, it tastes like it cost £2.99 a bar! It’s really good. It’s 70% cocoa, but to me it tastes stronger. You definatly get the ‘fruit notes’ that the box boasts. It’s very rich, as I said before, you definatly don’t want much at a time. If you’ve ever had 99% chocolate (more about that in a later post!), it’s similar to that, but with more intertwining of the flavours. Simply place it on your toungue and let it gently melt to take the most advantage of the flavours. If you’re a chocoholic, it’s definatly one to try. However, if you have a sweet tooth, and are used to sweet chocolates, then you may not like this. If his chocolate becomes popular, who knows, the ‘common persons’ supermarkets may start selling them.


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2 Responses to “Mmm, Chocolate”

  1. randomlymikey Says:

    oh that sounds amazing, but fat chance of me finding that chocolate around here. glad you got to enjoy it.

  2. Jane Says:

    Oooh, that looks fab! WIsh I could try some but don’t think anywhere round here would sell it 😦

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