SOUPer soup.

Nothing beats a good batch of home-made soup. I love the vegan soups form Sainsbury’s, but the vegetable soup  I made today is soooo much better. Thick, vegetably, healthy goodness. The Co-op on a sunday morning is the best place and time to get soup ingredients, because so many vegetables are reduced to clear! Today I got a cheap aubergine (which is still really fresh), swede, celery, cauliflower. They were all under half their usual price. Soup was definatly in order.

soupThis was my first time making soup, usually my mother does it. I really enjoyed it (as I enjoy most cooking). It just passes time away and relaxes me – that is untill my cooking starts to turn into a disaster and I get stressed out. Thankfully my mother is usually on hand to help rectify it.

In today’s batch there was:

Swede, celery, carrot, mushroom, onion, cauliflower, stock cube, paprika, garlic, basil. All boiled untill tende,r then whizzed up. There tasted like there was a little something missing, and mother thought of it – Parsnips! Parsnips really make a soup, in my opinon. Next time, next time.

Also, you may be thinking, ‘Soup, in a mug?!?!’. But, I always have homemade soup in mugs! It’s a weird trait of mine. Tinned soup in bowls, home made soup in mugs. And it’s my favourite mug, I always am looking for excuses to use it. It’s so cute, I love the handle!mug If this mug ever gets dropped, I shall be heart broken.

On an unrelated not, remember the biscuits I mentioned in my last post? Well, I also made one for my mother, and she hadn’t eaten it untill today. She was rather apprehensive, as it had tofu in. She has a thing about soy. If something I make has something like soy milk, tofu, or similar stuff in, she won’t eat it, no matter how good it tastes or how much you can’t taste the soy. She says it’s because of bad experiences she had one with apple flavoured soymilk. (Well, duh, apple flavoured soy milk sounds gross!). But she’ll eat soya mince…

Anyway, she said, ‘I hate to admit it, but I’d have to give these biscuits 8 or 9 out of 10’. See, vegan biscuits really aren’t weird!


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2 Responses to “SOUPer soup.”

  1. MsDerious Says:

    Sounds really nice, I’m a big soup fan too, they are such a good way of eating up veggies that are getting a little bit ‘sleepy’

    I have the same mug too!

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