School’s Out For Summer!

Yay, finally! I always am in two minds about the summer holidays though, on one hand, it’s 6 1/2 weeks off school, chances to do whatever I like. On the other hand, I shall be bored a lot of the time. I just don’t know what to do with myself. I do try to arrange things with friends, but they always pull out or are so busy they can’t do anything anyway, and I end up sounding desperate because I keep asking them when they’re free.

But, in celebration of the last day, I baked some cookies! Sugar ones. I put the names of the person they were intended for on, and left some blank in case I forgot anyone!

cookieI know they’re not the most pretty things, but I am not a cookie artist! My friends enjoyed them though, so that’s the main thing. And because it’s the twins’ birthday tomorrow, I stuck a candle into their cookies 🙂

I also made a giant one, for my science teacher, Miss McBurney, who’s leaving. 😦 Our biology class was her last ever class, how sad! She was my favourite teacher, and biology will suck without her!


Today was great though! Far from being a summer’s day, it absolutly chucked it down with rain, there was some thunder and lightening . My school flooded a wee bit too. The drainage system in the old part of the building is ancient, and heavy rains means excess water comes out through the drains in the floor! First the libray flooded, then places in the corridoor; the roof started leaking too, and the sports hall began to flood. So much for being a technology college, eh.


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