Wait, Tesco’s Sells Vegan Ice Cream Since When?!

Today’s post features: Ice cream! I love ice cream, and as an omni, my favourite was always the Mr. Whippy ice cream cones. But alas, there is no vegan substitute for that 😦 (I need ideas for what I can enjoy at the sea-side now, other than sorbet!). I never ate that much ice cream even as an omni, since I became quite health consious and seldom ate anything ‘bad’ for you. (I’m still health consious now, but I am not so strict on myself )

There is however, scoopable vegan ice cream substitute. I have heard of Tofutti ice cream, and Swedish Glace, but had only seen them in Health food shops, and they would have been long melted by the time I got home. Not that I need an excuse to eat a whole tub at once… So I was very surprised when I was told on 43 things that other people get their ice cream from Tesco’s. We were going there on Sunday – great.

So  in the freezer, I found it! They only had one flavour, vanilla, but that’s okay. Chocolate is my favourite, but if it’s a nice vanilla I like both equally.

Pure Indulgence

Pure Indulgence

After lunch that day, I indulged. It was still very soft, as we hadn’t been home long (and therfore the icecream hadn’t been back in the freezer long) Amazing is the only word I can use to describe it. I wouldn’t have noticed it was vegan at all, if I hadn’t known. The vanilla flavour is really there, and not fake either, you can see the black dots of vanilla in the ice cream. It’s so rich and dedacant. And at £1.69 per tub, it isn’t bad value. Granted, it’s more expensive than ordinary ice cream if you usually buy the basic own brands, but it’s cheaper than Ben and Jerry’s and other high end ice cream brands. definatly value for money.

Even if you’re not an ice cream lover, you will love this.


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