I Love to Ride my Bicycle, Bicycle.

Title says it all. In case you didn’t know, it’s a lame attempt at using song lyrics on my part.

On a beautiful summer’s morning I love going out on a bike ride while it’s still slightly cool. It’s so liberating to feel the wind going through you, to me, it’s one of the best feelings in the world, it’s when I feel truely free. It’s certainly lovely when you’re feeling like saying ‘Je renonce à vie’, which I sadly seem to feel quite often. Sometimes I feel fine, but other times I just feel like crying. Exercise is meant to make you feel happy, it does kinda work… I’m not a fast cycler by any means, and I often get over taken by faster bikers, but that’s not the point. I enjoy my time, I just wish I had someone who’d come out with me!

Anyway, recently I have learnt not to cycle with my mouth even slightly open, as bugs seem to like the idea of exploring inside. Thankfully I’ve not had anything bigger than a greenfly go in there yet. Speaking of greenflies…Does anyone else love those cute ‘lil guys? They seem so innocent to me haha, like a small child. They like to hitch a ride with me, which is just fine by me, untill they decide to hitch on my glasses, blocking a percentage of vision in one of my eyes, either that or they like to go on the end of my nose or on my neck and tickle me. Their friends the tiny black beetle like bugs like going down my top too and tickling my chest.

I’m also very happy to say my local co-op does cheap soymilk now. I’ve yet to taste it, but I bought some today, so we’ll soon know if it’s any good. It’s their ‘simply value’ range, it’s unsweetened and fortified, and is only 69p per litre. So glad they do it, because since our car is very broken we can’t do a real food shop untill we get a new one (ford focus or Fiesta?), so have been relying on the co-op. Luckly I keep an overflow of  UHT stuff in the cupboards for emergencies like this 😀


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