I’ve Got a Friend in Soya Chunks

I know I promised a sauce recipe today, however it slipped my mind to photograph it this morning, so you’ll have to wait ’till tomorrow – sorry!

Anyway, today I thought I would marvel at the yummyness that is Soya Chunks. Many of you probably would have tried soya mince (a.k.a TVP mince), but I’ve found that soya chunks are a little harder to find.

SN850855I’ve found that these cook up more chewy than soya mince. Then again, maybe that’s because I’m a lazy so-and-so and don’t cook them for the 20-30 minutes the packet tells me too. But they’re so nice when they are slightly chewy, why try to change that? (Of course, unless you like your food less chewy…)

Like soya mince, you add boiling water and let stand for a few minutes, before adding to your dish. I always make too much of soya mince, and have the same trouble with the chunks. I would guess that you want about 25-30g per person, maybe more if you’re not having pasta with it or you like your tomato dishes less saucy. I’m pretty weird, and could eat this stuff plain, it’s also nice made up with vegetable stock…

As far as food goes, the stuff is handy when you want some protein on the quick. I know some people won’t touch the stuff because it’s very heavily processed soy, which is surrounded by controversy…But in moderation, I don’t think it will harm me.

Tomatoey-slightly-creamy dinner

Tomatoey-slightly-creamy dinner

On the right is the dish I decided to make tonight. I did have intentions of making a tomato sauce over some pasta, but because I always make too much for one person, tonight being no exception, I skipped the pasta. Basically it’s just onions, tinned tomatoes, tomato puree (paste), courgette (zuchinni), mushroom, pepper and spices. I also tried adding some soya milk at the end to achieve a less acidic dish. It tasted yummy, I didn’t think it would take to the soya milk. Took less than 25 minutes to prepare and cook – not bad.


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