Oats You Really Did Let Me Down (Again)

So, after the dissapointment of the microwaved jumbo oats, I decided I’d try them stove done for dinner tonight. I didn’t plan having them, but family matters made sure that a normal dinner wouldn’t happen. When I was younger, I went through a phase where I’d eat a mixture of ready brek and rolled oats cooked as a porridge with unsweetened cocoa powder for breakfast and lunch. I had it really runny, like a chocolate oat soup :D.

Anyway, I hate to say it but I am not impressed with stove top done jumbo oats either. I mean, they came out slightly better, but only because more liquid was able to evapourate, at an expense of there being less volume in my bowl. If you do decide to cook oats stove top, you really need to stir very very very often, since soy milk likes to make a skin 😦


Though I will admit, the longer cooking did make the oats more chewy and seem more…cooked. They tasted okay, but I still prefer me some rolled oats and ready brek.

Sorry for a short and kinda repetative post today, but I promise tomorrow I will post with a yummy sauce with many uses!


2 Responses to “Oats You Really Did Let Me Down (Again)”

  1. harpy Says:

    You could try cooking the oats with water and just adding some soy milk at the end – that’s what I do and it seems to avoid the skin problem.

    • teenagedvegan Says:

      That’s a good idea! It’s just I’m really weird with how I eat, if I ever put extra milk on top of already cooked porridge, I always have to use it up ASAP, same with when I add blueberries, I always pick them out first, haha.

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