Dans la Cite Exceptionnelle: Norwich

Making the most of my brother being away for the weekend, we went to visit my sister in Norwich today, and bring back half her stuff. (She’s finished uni now and has to vacate the house she shares). Anyway, since we were up there we went shopping. I love it in Norwich. One of my favourite places.

Since becoming vegan, I’ve always wanted to go to a place called Rainbow Wholefoods. So that was our first stop. They had loads of yummy stuff! In the end I got some mexican pate and egg replacer (been wanting some for a while). And I was eying up a single portion tub of Swedish Glace to buy on the way back, since it was a hot day. I was dissapointed though because when we came back in before we left, they had sold out šŸ˜¦

In the reduced section, they had some dried ginger, which my mother assured me was edible in the state it was in. So, upon leaving the shop and opening the packet, I was in for a shock. Placing a piece in my mouth, I found it to be hard as a rock. When I did manage to chew through it, as soon as it snapped I gagged. Disgusting! The face I pulled must have been a hoot because my mother (who hates norwich with a passion) said coming here was worth it just for that. I should have known though. Afterall, it looked just like dried ginger root. However I am still a lover of all things ginger, ginger chews, crystalised ginger, ginger tea…

I also found a China World which was still open! The ones in Ipswich and Colchester have closed šŸ˜¦

They only have food though now, the other ones did cool chinese bits and bobs too. I got some fortune cookies, dried sweet potato sticks and some dried Black Fungus.

The sweet potato sticks were yummy! Just sweet potato and sugar. Chewy. Nice as a snack.

Sweet potato sticks - Scrum-diddly-umsious

Sweet potato sticks - Scrum-diddly-umsious

Again, making the most of my brother’s absence, my mother and I decided to watch a movie together with some chips from the local chippie. The movie of choice was Bridget Jones. It was my first viewing. I liked it, but it wasn’t as good as I had hoped. The chips were nice. I haven’t had them for ageeeees. I covered them in vinegar and salt, accompanied by a large dollop of ketchup, curry sauce and mushy peas. Traditional British grub!

Real Grub :D

Real Grub šŸ˜€


2 Responses to “Dans la Cite Exceptionnelle: Norwich”

  1. QuirkyVegan Says:

    I’ve never been to Norwich. I’ve heard it’s a nice city. Next year the Vegan Camp is in Norfolk somewhere so I might go then.

    • teenagedvegan Says:

      vegan camp? Sound interesting šŸ˜€ Norwich is a great pleace, I love it. It’s got such a nice scene, and is pretty good to vegans.

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