Thrown into the World of Blogs

SN850455There are a gazillion other vegan blogs out there, and I read a fair few of them. It makes me wonder if I really ought to add to them. However, I am hoping that my blog will offer something different, in that it is written by a teenager, with teenagers in mind. Of course, anyone is welcome to read 😛 (In fact, the more readers, the merrier!). I am starting this blog because I have noticed the lack of resources for teenagers interested in veganism, and my ambition is to someday publish a book on teenage veganism.

My name is Kay and I am 15. I haven’t been a vegan for the longest of times, a mere few months, a scratch compared to how long others have been vegan, but it is something I am dedicated to and I know I can never go back. I became a vegan for a couple of reasons. I find the way animals are treated to be awful, and I don’t like the idea of beings being killed for us. But even if animals were treated as if they were royalty I don’t think I would eat their products anymore because I see it as, ‘not ours to take’. That’s the shorthand of my reasons.

I will post on this blog with recipes, the more interesting aspects of my day to day living, challenges I face, interesting information I aquire and more besides.


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